Over the next three months, Anderson County residents will be invited to share their ideas for making Anderson not just a good community, but a great place to live, work and play now and for years to come.

The goal of the Imagine Anderson initiative, which is being directed by a steering committee made up of nearly 50 Anderson area leaders, is to involve and engage residents in planning the county's future.

With broad-based citizen-input, project leaders hope to develop a vision for the "ideal" Anderson, as well as a plan for achieving goals identified during the "imagining" process.

The information-gathering effort will include one-on-one meetings with opinion makers and trendsetters from different businesses, churches, schools, communities and civic groups around the county, as well as focus groups and town hall meetings. Citizens will also be able to share their ideas electronically by accessing the initiative's web site at www.imagineanderson.com.

The individual interviews, the focus-group sessions and the town-hall meetings will be facilitated by consultants with Carpe Diem Community Solutions, Inc., a Florida-based firm with extensive experience in helping communities develop a shared image for their future.

The community forums will allow residents to discuss topics of interest and concern to them and their families in the areas of business and economic development, education, the arts, government, diversity and environment.

Using community input, Carpe Diem consultants will work with the steering committee to develop a list of goals, along with vision statements for each goal. A proposed vision plan will be presented to the community in early 2007.

An implementation team will work with groups, churches, organizations and individuals who agree to support one or more objectives of the vision plan once it's approved.


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